Who We Are


Established in 2011 in Calgary and terminating in February of 2018, imagiNation 150 is a group of volunteers backed up by a small staff who, along with allies across Canada want to foster a deeply engaged citizenry in Canada. We want to encourage Canadians of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life to reflect on where we’ve been and to thoughtfully consider the future we will create.

Our inspiration came from the challenge issued by our Patron, the Governor General of Canada, His Excellency the Right Honorable David Johnston that Canada be a “smart and caring nation”.

While we are politically non partisan, we are concerned that Canada avoid toxic forms of politics and thereby help shift the tone of public conversation away from divisiveness toward optimism, shared opportunity and personal accountability.

We are a volunteer driven non-profit, funded by private citizens and corporations. While we are in a friendly relationship with all levels of government, we do not seek public funding nor are we affiliated with any particular political perspective.

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