Sesquilogo 2

The Sesquicentennial is Canada’s 150th birthday of Confederation.  We hope to inspire Canadians to not only show up for the party, but to bring a gift as well.  One that is based on our shared values and aspirations for our country.

Here’s a gift everyone can use, an officially unofficial logo.  Created as both an homage to, and a reboot of, the iconic 1967 logo, our version creates angular divisions with more dynamism to reflect our rich and diverse society and the resulting 13 segments represent all provinces and territories.

The logo is free to use for celebrations both big and small. Put it on cupcakes, stationery, banners, flags, new buildings, bridges and works of art.

Mark the Sesquicentennial with a gift to Canada, but sign it with this mark.

Click on the logos below to download copies.  Use them to show your  150th anniversary project is part of the sesquicentennial celebrations. Our only request? Send us a note telling us how you’ll use it so we can share your story! Just email info (at)


Click on the logo sheet below to download a zip file containing the official logos in .ai format and including this sheet in pdf format.