Culture Dock creates an app for imagiNation 150


Culture Dock's i150 APP

In honour of our nation’s 150th birthday, Canadians will receive an app as a gift. For an entire year, beginning in January until December 31, 2017, a centralized “travel” platform will be available for all. The i150 app was developed for the purpose of celebrating our diverse national character.

Created for imagiNation 150 by the tech start-up Culture Dock this user friendly photo and video-sharing app will allow everyone; from visitors to our country to businesses and organizations involved in culture and tourism; to share unique cultural content.

From sea to shining sea, citizens using the free i150 app will be able to both post their own content and to view what it means for others to be Canadian. Twelve channels will prompt users to share everything from regional dishes and heritage sites to pop and urban culture.

Culture Dock is the brainchild of Banff-born entrepreneur and author, Kendall Hunter and is a global platform developed to facilitate cultural awareness for travelers and the culturally curious. The imagiNation 150 branded app is part of this larger platform and is a way to ensure ‘The Dock’ is filled with all things Canadian before scaling internationally.

Hunter wants Culture Dock to be seen as a ‘living guidebook’, to help strengthen curiosity about all cultures that exist within our borders. She adds, “Perhaps more so when it comes to aboriginal culture. I believe this will serve to maintain traditions and values while at the same time facilitate an appreciation for one another that will constructively keep us moving forward”.

For imagiNation 150, having an app strengthens its goal of stimulating conversation among citizens; to get people thinking about the Canada they want for the future.

imagiNation 150 and Culture Dock are encouraging Canadians to celebrate Canada’s 150th year by sharing the treasures of their communities and the places they visit, allowing for a vision of an increasingly multicultural nation and what it takes to make that vision a reality.

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