Happy Birthday Canada!

Today, celebrations abound in every part of the country with lots of fun, food and fanfare! Iqaluit celebrates with a community parade. In Ottawa, it’s the giant patriotic party on the lawns of Parliament Hill. In Vancouver, there’s the Canada Day Party at Canada Place. Here in Calgary the festivities will include a Powwow on Prince’s island and fireworks.

While this is a day of celebrations, it could also be a time for reflection.imagiNation150-logo-plus-leaf

As we prepare to celebrate our 150th anniversary as a nation next year, imagiNation 150 wants citizens to reflect on who we are, who we want to be, and how we’ll get there. This group of ordinary Calgarians is encouraging fellow Canadians to get together, to connect and share their vision for the Canada.

Tell us, how do you envision Canada in the next 50 years? What can you do to bring that to reality?

Get in touch with us at info@i150.ca or on Facebook