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In 2017 Canada will celebrate the 150th anniversary of confederation. Let us use our nation’s 150th birthday to dream large of a Canada that is good for us all and good for the world.

While there will be many wonderful celebrations in 2017 there is also the opportunity to foster a legacy of Canada, in our Governor General’s words, as a “Smart and Caring Nation”

We at imagiNation 150 see Canada’s 150th birthday as an ideal opportunity to think about the future we want and what we will do to get there.

We are encouraging Canadians from coast to coast to coast to join in by hosting conversations under the banner “Possible Canadas”. The idea is to imagine what our nation may yet become then commit to do something to make our nation even better.

To help we have created and are freely making available a handbook on the why and how of organizing events for 2107, a book of inspiring interviews of leading Canadians on their hopes and dreams for our nation and templates for hosting conversations based on gatherings we have organized in Calgary

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July 6, 2016
150 Stories of Equality and Inclusion

150 Stories of Equality and Inclusion

A hockey sweater that taught a nation’s kids about French and English relations, a woman who refused to sit in the balcony because of the colour of her skin and a family whose life began in Canada at Pier 21. Those are just a few stories from Canada's past that punctuate our hard fought history of inclusion. Canadian Race Relations…

Don’t know where to begin? Our trusty free Handbook and Guidebook are perfect places to start!

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